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  • SME’s now face a complex and diverse platform of both Indirect and Direct Taxation schemes and rules which can often daunt the most experienced of entreprenuers. Which VAT scheme should the business register for? How should I treat my income – Salary or Dividend? What shall we do about Company Cars? Can I claim for this expenditure? Capital Expenditure or Leasing – Which is the most tax efficient? Shall we use Finance Lease or Operating Leases?

    The list goes on.

    Here at PBS we have a wealth of experience in dealing with the above and many other questions surrounding the impact that the answers have on the Taxation position of an enterprise.

    Furthermore, Stuart Noad specialises in all aspects of Taxation Services allowing PBS to deliver the right solution for your business and at the same time ensure that the other core functions of the business are maintained without detriment.

    Speciality Taxation and Taxation Planning is also covered by PBS taking advantage of our Specialist Networking Partners should we be unable to find you the solution ourselves.

    • Income Tax
    • National Insurance
    • VAT
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Diguised Remuneration
    • APN’s
    • HMRC Connect System
    • Inheritance Tax
    • Corporation Tax
    • Trusts
    • Overseas Tax
    • G.A.A.R. (General Anti-Abuse Rule)
    • Follower Notices

    One of the major changes experienced in the UK in recent times is the aggressive stance taken by the HMRC and the introduction of several specialist pieces of legislation:

    – Disguised Remuneration.
    – G.A.A.R (General Anti-Abuse Rule).
    – APN’s – Advanced Payment Notices.
    – Follower Notices.

    As a result of this educational investment Mike can advise on such complex issues and assist, together with his network of specialists, in advising you on which option(s) to follow.

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