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  • The staffing of any business, be them Employees or Agency Supplied personnel are a large and integral part of our daily lives.

    Ensuring that you have the right PAYE system and procedures in place is critical in modern times especially as HMRC places more and more onus on Employers to account for and accurately manage the Crown’s income. Failure to follow these onerous procedures and you will find yourself with fines and penalties for late or inaccurate payments, late filing of RTI returns and P11D’s. Furthermore, PAYE audits are on the increase so do not put yourself in the firing line.

    PBS understand all of these complex Payroll Management issues and have years of hands on experience ensuring that the right systems are in place allowing you to be fully compliant with HMRC and other Governing Bodies. As recently as January 2014 there have also been major legislative changes within the laws governing the supply of labour from Recruitment Agencies and labour providers.

    You may be thinking how does that affect us – we simply use Agencies for seasonal increases in business and prior to January 2014 you would be correct. Not anymore, the direct end user of Agency Staff are now as responsible as the Agency Provider.

    Sound’s like a headache – It needn’t be – let PBS assist you or even take over the processing and administration of your Payroll Management.

    • RTI Management
    • Complete Sage Payroll Solution
    • Auto Enrolment
    • Year End Returns – P11D, Etc
    • Construction Industry Scheme
    • In-House or Remote Management
    • Bespoke Schemes/Agency Workers Scheme
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